Here we break down the Top 10 Internet Marketing Terms we feel like “You Should Know”. From Keyword Research to WordPress, there are many terms thrown around each day pertaining to internet marketing. But what is internet marketing you may ask? Well if your needing to know that, this may not be the post for you. However if you have already gathered a basic understanding, then these 10 terms will help guide you into a more advanced understanding. We even added 6 more terms to the end of our post just to give each reader the best overall understanding possible. Each will also have a link directly to our tag archive for you to further your research on each topic or term.

10 Internet Marketing Terms “You Should Know”

Content Marketing:

Content Marketing has faded over the years in quality, but is booming more than ever in terms of volume. This happens to be for a variety of reasons. Recently however, due to the changes Google has implemented, content marketing has become the source of many variables of SEO and marketing as a whole. Come see how we break this down topic by topic, so that each of our visitors and clients have a full understanding.

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is the core of any real online brand. Having a way to get in contact with your subscribers is vital to any gaining trust and readership. Now let’s be honest, there are over 25 different email marketing web applicationsand/or software’s available (that are worth even using at all). So which one should you use? That’s what we are here to for!


Facebook is all the rage, more specifically, it is now the king of social media, but why? In order to truly understand the power of Facebook you must understand how social media works in general using this platform. Whether that is using Facebook ads or simply creating a private group, understanding the ends and out can be a very daunting task. Thankful we have compiled all this information in one place for you, so that you can simply spend your time achieve the results you desire.

Internet Marketing:

From affiliate marketing to blogging, there are many different ways Internet Marketing can be classified. Knowing the difference however can be the challenging part. Here we break down not only the difference, but what makes a great Internet Marketer themselves. It’s one thing to promote or distribute content, but if that promotion does not convert into commissions, leads, or sales in general then your doing it wrong.

Keyword Research:

Any real blogger or internet marketer knows it all starts with Keyword Research. From affiliate marketing to social media, understanding the keyword being targeted is key to any successful campaign. Targeting the wrong keywords will not only waist your time and resources, it will lead to frustration and the lack of results. If making money online, or even promoting your online brand, the first thing that always needs to be done is keyword research.

Lead Capture:

Leads, Leads, and more Leads. That seems to be all you would hear around 2012-2014. Why? Because without leads, you have no subscribers, which means you have no real readership. Understanding this happens to be the easy part, however learning how to capture them effectively without being a burden to your loyal readers can be one hell of a task. Here we break down each and every platform, plugin, and web application available to manage your lead capture efforts.

Link Building:

Whether you consider yourself a White Hat, Black Hat, or even Gray Hat; There is some forum of link building in your marketing efforts. Building quality links from valuable and relative sources not only adds authority to the content being created, it transfers that authority site wide in terms of On-Site SEO. Problem is, many are unsure how this can be done effectively without running into Google penalties. Luckily we have your back!

List Building:

Overlooked by years by small business, list building has definitely become mainstream. Why? Because business and even blog owners now understand the hidden power of collecting leads that will hopefully convert into customers later down the line. Of course you don’t want to just sale, sale, sale. Subscribers should always be provided endless amounts of value through content, content that they could never receive anywhere else. By doing so, you will build trust and readership, that will then lead to a loyal fan base that would be more than happy to purchase anything you ask at them.

List Management:

Gaining subscribers can be changeling, but managing that list can be a whole different challenge. Now there are many was this can be handled, however each come with their own set of pros and cons. From web applications to direct plugins, your options for list management are endless. To make things easier for you, we have taken the time to break down each option, so that you can focus on the management.

Online Brand Management:

Online Brand Management should be hard. If you follow us you’ve heard us say this time and time again. Why? Because it’s overall the most important factor to your online brand making a splash, let alone being successful. Many overlook this, only focusing on SEO or even the design of there website, however that will surely lead to disappointment overtime. Remember, your brand is like your personal character. How do you choose to be viewed?

Research Tools:

If your new to internet marketing, you may not realize the vast variety of research tools at your disposal. Whether looking to run keyword research, or view the current trends in social media, there is sure to be a research tool available. Some are free, while most will require some type of month fee. Luckily we have reviewed to best of the best to help make such decisions easier for you.


If using WordPress, then you will quickly learn that using a great template can be the difference between a great design and a website no one would dare visit. But what goes into great templates? Some say SEO, while others will argue that great framework and design are all that matters. We here at MyaSeo say it’s both! Come see our collection of top viewed templates that will truly stand out from the rest, whether free or paid.


Tweeting and Following have become the new Ying and Yang. Okay maybe not, but I assure you if not treating as such you will be missing out on a hep of traffic coming your way. Even more, you will most likely never achieve the authority and Online Brand Management you desire. From blogging to big business, everyone is on Twitter. Come see why in our break down case studies and reviews.

Web Applications:

Web applications seem to be all the rage now-a-day. Not because they are easily made, but because they solve some of the biggest marketing issues. The days of spending millions to have such task as keyword research or email marketing completed are over. Now that we have that out the way, what are the best of the best for your desired needs?

Website Builder:

If your looking to build a brand, then just use WordPress. However if your in the mode or have the need to build a few Web 2.0 pages, or even a shinny new e-commerce store, then using a Website Builder just may be what you’re looking for. From Wix to Weebly, we break down some of the best on the market. Now that we have done the research, it’s up to you to decide which one is best for you.

WordPress Plugins:

WordPress plugins are the core to any real WordPress installation. Truthfully without them, there really would be no use for WordPress. That being said, most simply overlook the power some plugins provide. Many will install the core components such as a new commenting system or a few widgets, but what about SEO and landing pages? There are thousands if not millions of available plugins for WordPress, come see which ones you should be using for your blog or website.


As you can see there are many different Internet Marketing terms out there. Gaining a better understanding of each will allow you to correctly navigate your campaign and traffic efforts. Can’t steer a ship with a map right? Tell us what you think and if there are any other Internet Marketing terms you would like us here at MyaSeo to cover below in the comments section.

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