4 Ways to Deliver Outstanding Social Customer Service



According to research conducted by Nielsen, one in three users prefer to contact brands using social media rather than the telephone. Surprised?

As a business trying to make your mark on social, it can be easy to jump in, establish your social media profiles and ensure each page receives a daily dose of new content, but in 2016 that is no longer enough if brands are serious about  turning new followers into paying customers, and existing customers into online brand advocates.

But what is investing in social customer service really worth to brands?


The worth of social customer service

There has been a huge surge in big brands taking big steps to provide the best possible social experience for their customers.

Take Xbox, for example. Microsoft’s gaming console is going above and beyond in the social customer service game with its ‘Xbox Support Elite Tweet Fleet.’ So much so, that it earned the title of ‘Most Responsive Brand on Twitter’ by the Guinness Book of Records when it was first launched in 2010.

“When people are passionate and they use that kind of (foul-mouthed) language, a lot of times there’s legitimately something wrong with our service,” says McKenzie Eakin, Program Manager of Xbox LIVE Service Delivery (also known as @XboxSupport Elite Tweet Fleet Sky Captain).

He went on: “We swoop in, seemingly out of nowhere, and say, ‘No, we can help,’” Eakin says. “They’re like, ‘Whoa, proactive customer service out of nowhere. This is so cool.’ It’s a really magical experience and I think that in particular drives our through-the-roof customer satisfaction.”


What defines excellent social customer service?

According to one study, the success of the response is determined by 3 factors: (1) the speed of the response time, (2) the quality of the solution provided and (3) how the response is provided. The study described this last point as Hostmanship, i.e. how well you provide the human touch.

80% of companies believe they deliver ‘superior’ customer service, but only 8% of customers think the same companies deliver ‘superior’ customer service, which leaves a huge opportunity for brands to fine-tune their strategies and stand out with unique social experiences.


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