Marketing for Millennials 

Here are tips every marketer need to consider in making marketing decisions for the Generation Y/Millennials:
1. Millennials spend most of their time online if not more.
2. Millennials crave for content-driven media.
3. Millennials share, liking,  tweeting, snapping, commenting,  following and trusting what they feel is authentic.
4. Millennials require marketers to speak their language to initiate an action.
5. Millennials want yo to feel connected and involved with brands when it comes to making marketing decisions.
6. Millennials demands more customers-driven attention and personalized marketing.
7. Millennials aren’t keen on traditional media, they spend more time on their devices- digitally savvy.
8. Millennials feel empowered to make their own online choices.
9. Millennials support businesses that are customer-centric.
10. Millennials are engaged by video content, images, blogging etc.
11. Millennials love to feel your content were created for them with their interest in mind.
12. Millennials value awesome and authentic content, videos and images.
13. Millennials love to have a say on product or services either as testimonials or brand ambassadors.
14. Millennials just want to have fun.
15.  Millennials are content-driven,
What type of content(s) are you sharing and do they resonate with this group? How effective are you engaging Millennials?
Focus on building relationships with the Millennials.

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