What you need know about Social Media Campaigns! 

I sat on my desk thinking to myself ‘what could Hillary Clinton have done in terms of media campaigns to be sworn as President.  I began a conversation with colleagues which led to fractions in the office (☺).
Could it be that “political social media”or social media  campaigns in general are beyond tweets, shares, endorsements, testimonials, posts, comments?
Social media as we know, played a prominent role in the US election. The world never expected to play such a role despite forecast and major social platform playing a role in this.
To effectively analyze each campaign, I began researching on their social strategy and social networks.
Facebook: Hillary Clinton had a following of over 5.8 million likes, Donald Trump had about 10. 5 million likes.
Hillary Clinton had a robust Facebook strategy as it featured her campaign merchandise, frequent multimedia posts and prompt media response. Although, Donald Trump’s strategy focused majorly on multimedia content.
Twitter: This was Donald’s expertise. We all know him to be a freak as he loves to tweet and respond to conversations. With a following of over 11 million, he created controversies by himself for or against…  He worried less.  For Hillary, this platform was updated frequently for live feeds, responses and a message disseminating channel.
With over 8.6million followers, the channel was used to disseminate images and videos
Instagram: Seen as my favourite platform,  we expected to see nothing less from the two- videos, images, infographics, Insta Stories,  Insta Live etc.
For Hillary, with her well over 2 million grammers,  it was a channel for posting videos and photos.  Trump did nothing less than images and photos as well with over 2.4 million grammers.
download7YouTube: Trump with his 8 million views did not meet up with Clinton on YouTube. Even though he had various types of video content,  it just wasn’t a platform for him like Hillary. With over 18 million views,  it was a platform to channel campaign efforts such as campaign videos,  campaign ads,  personal videos etc.
Perhaps Donald Trump got most of the attention he ever needed on Twitter, he made it his platform and dominated with it.  How much more bringing the world’s attention to just that platform which was his strength.
While the Hillary campaign team focused on dishing out content on more than one platform, Donald Trump seemed to be the content the world was looking out for with his uncensored and dramatic tweets. He had a way of making the headlines with his tweets, while Hillary had to settle down to revert on contents considered to be news worthy.  (take a look at the expressions below).
Bottom line: Regular online users are looking for authentic, not watered-down content for their engagement and conversation to jump into for their total online experience.
What does this mean for marketers and advertisers on the online platform? We will love to hear from you!

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