Steps in using LinkedIn to generate leads. 

To many,  LinkedIn is nothing other than a professional website, to others a platform for career growth or job market place or a great networking tool.

What does LinkedIn mean to you as a marketer?

Target and reach over 450Million professionals around the world.  By networking  content marketing and branding, you can grow your business with these lead generation tips.

  1. Always reach out to people of prospective clients.

  2. Research your prospects

  3. Widen your reach by connecting with people to increase your lead generation potential. Look into this as reaching not just a possible potential customer but one that leads you to a thousand more customers.

  4. LinkedIn through its profile gives a clear snapshot review of who your potential lead will be and their professional disposition.

  5. Integrate all your social platforms with your LinkedIn profile as well as having a website or blog extension.

  6. Request your present customers to write a recommendation for you as your testimonial to getting new lead.

  7. Become active in LinkedIn groups that are related or not totally related to your field but are of interest to your lead and can generate the desired goal. wersm-linkedin-macbook-notifications.png

  8. Maximise your LinkedIn visibility to provide you with opportunities to reach your desired audience.

  9. Market yourself

  10. Mention influencers.


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