What do marketers need to know about how Facebook distributes media?

Earlier today, I took upon myself to finding out how really Facebook distributes media and  how marketers are using it to find the right audience and customers.

Facebook is a sophisticated advertising platform where video rules.

Your page is the most powerful tool that can help you distribute content and information.

Today’s leading marketers are using Facebook’s advance tool to find the right people and customers. One of this ways is through targeting and audience segmenting which means you can actually be specific with individuals that are likely to purchase your product or require your services.

Facebook new rules of targeting people in their news feed allows marketers to be efficient in their marketing efforts and campaigns.

Deciding what content to publish to your page, smart publishing is a new, opt-in-tool for publishers that is available now to only partner media organizations, and will be widely available in the future.

Smart publishing identities stories that people are likely to enjoy and share based on number a particular.
Facebook is a massive distributor of content. Every minute, Facebook users share nearly 25 million pieces of content. What those this mean to your marketing? We will like to hear your thoughts.


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