It’s time to get serious about Twitter. All you need to grow your social media presence.

It’s time to get serious about Twitter.


Here are new analytics and data to help marketers understand their audience and competition on Twitter. Twitter analysis has all the data you need to create a successful Twitter strategy  simply by understanding how to unlock this meaningful data to get the most value from it.

Audience insights helps businesses improve their strategies on Twitter. Twitter analysis helps measure your engagement and make you learn how to make your tweets more successful. It allows you explore the interest, locations and demographics of your followers.

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks for businesses and it gives you an advantage over your competition. Because so much Twitter data is public, you can easily use that data to learn so much about your audience, competition, their followers and strategies.


 In this post, we will look at seven ways you can use this data to look behind the scenes of what your competitors are doing and how your audience get engaged.

  • Follow your competition on Twitter

  • Monitor their @replies

  • Analyze their followers

  • Check out their toolkit

  • See what they do on other social networks

  • Keep up with their blog posts and articles

  • Get their score

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