YouTube trends to watch out for in 2017

What are the trends we predict to see on YouTube in 2017 as the marketplace continues to grow and more video content are developed daily. 

1. Will YouTube be just a collector of videos? Or it will solidify to become a social network as marketers focus their socials on Instagram, Facebook, twitter and Snapchat? 

2. Will YouTube allow creators to communicate with their subscribers and channel visitors in more ways? 

With the addition of features such as a basic status update with a photo, people who want to better connect with a video audience will see YouTube as a social network rather than just a video collection zone. 

3. Will YouTube evolve to maintain its strategic position as a video platform that’s the second-largest search engine?

We yet to find out but we believe her relationship with Google will help improve and position the brand

4. Will YouTube allow marketers have longer-format television-type series? 

This competitive move is in response to the rise of original series creations by Netflix and Amazon

YouTube will explore long-form television-style content.

5. Will YouTube will introduce new advertising formats? 

We arr most likely to see the addition of ads in the middle of videos longer than one minute,similar to Facebook’s approach.

6. Will there be more how-to-dos and educational focused content on YouTube?

As video continues to spread across social media channels, we’ll see brands create in-depth demos, courses, and series that answer the viewers’ questions.

7. Will influencers be larger engaged on YouTube?

There is the likely chance of brands working with influencers on exclusive, longer-term engagements and producing programming, not campaigns or content. 


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