New Study Finds That Agencies and Marketers Are Still at Odds in 2017

In 2017, but advertisers and marketers remain at odds over the changing nature of their relationship, according to results from a New Year Outlook survey conducted by development firm RSW/US. Asked about "troubling trends" in the industry, for instance, answers coming from the two disciplines were almost diametrically opposed. Marketers complained that agencies "haven't figured out [...]


Snapchat Advertisers Can Now Target the App’s Users

Snapchat advertisers are about to find out if offline data can drive better campaigns on the app. After forging measurement partnerships and data partnerships with companies like Moat, Nielsen and Millward Brown over the past year, Snap Inc. has now signed a deal with Oracle Data Cloud (formerly Datalogix) to arm marketers with more intelligence. [...]

All you need to know about content marketing in 2017

The strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action is taking a new shape in 2017. Here are some statistics content marketers should note in 2017 in building your business. People use adblockers on their [...]

What do marketers need to know about how Facebook distributes media?

Earlier today, I took upon myself to finding out how really Facebook distributes media and  how marketers are using it to find the right audience and customers. Facebook is a sophisticated advertising platform where video rules. Your page is the most powerful tool that can help you distribute content and information. Today's leading marketers are [...]

A roundup of a few social media marketing platforms you need to note in 2017.

Here's our roundup of a few social media marketing platforms you need to note in 2017 to grow your online presence whether you an entrepreneur or marketer.  They are simple, effective and can be automated.  We will advice you to reflect on last year social media landscape and where they might be headed to and [...]

Marketing for Millennials 

Here are tips every marketer need to consider in making marketing decisions for the Generation Y/Millennials: 1. Millennials spend most of their time online if not more. 2. Millennials crave for content-driven media. 3. Millennials share, liking,  tweeting, snapping, commenting,  following and trusting what they feel is authentic. 4. Millennials require marketers to speak their [...]

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